About Us

Midwest Pool Supply has a long history of providing pool and spa chemicals to commercial and residential customers throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.

Midwest Pool Supply is one of the largest pool and spa chemical suppliers in Wisconsin, and we serve both commercial and residential pools alike.

What makes Midwest Pool Supply the "Water Chemistry Experts"?

  • Chemicals and products for any size pool or spa
  • A wealth of experience in both commercial and residential products
  • Midwest Pool Supply has great experience in commercial work - one of the largest commercial client lists in Wisconsin! Serving water parks, fitness centers and schools throughout south-central Wisconsin.
  • Delivery to any location in south-central Wisconsin, or shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
  • Competitive pricing - even against the largest catalog companies in the industry!
  • The intimate staff works closely to provide superior customer service - they can answer any question you have!
  • They are your one resource for any chemical or part for your pool or spa - why go anywhere else?
CPO Courses with Midwest Pool Supply

Midwest Pool Supply has been offering the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance CPO course for more than 25 years. We have taught over 2000 students and have an excellent rate of completion towards the receiving of a Diploma from the PHTA.

The course offers the expert and the novice a realistic approach to learning how to operate a swimming pool or spa on a basis that will work under any conditions plus react to emergencies.